The Algorand Foundation is dedicated to fulfilling the global promise of blockchain technology by leveraging the Algorand protocol and open source software, which was initially designed by Silvio Micali and a team of leading scientists.


Podcast Breakdown:


Algorand & Algorand Foundation Explained by Jason Lee

Why supporting Algorand by Community Member & Top IP lawyer from LA

Then diving into: ALGORAND BLOCKCHAIN TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (Such as Pure Proof-of-Stake, ASC1 Smart Contracts, ASAs and so on)


In the end, finishing up with special bonus: Mr. Jason on his favorite part of working within the algorand foundation & comment on Monash Blockchain Hackathon – Hosted by the Monash Blockchain Technology Centre and Algorand.


Algorand Summary:

Founded by MIT professor and Turing Award-winner Silvio Micali, who is also an inventor, scientist in the fields of computer science and cryptography.


Algorand is a blockchain protocol and cryptocurrency that aims to empower users by giving them access to borderless, decentralized financial services. 


With support from the Algorand Foundation, the Algorand protocol aims to solve the “blockchain trilemma” of being simultaneously decentralized, stable, and secure, 


Powered by the native ALGO coin, the Algorand ecosystem is a thriving, diverse, and future-thinking project that uses a novel consensus mechanism to verify transactions on the Algorand blockchain.


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Mr. Jason Lee inspired me to create these pieces of content.


#Algorand #AlgorandFoundation #PureProofofStake



In this video, we will talk about the Algorand ecosystem. Also, we’ll discuss the #ALGO coin, the novel “Pure Proof-of-Stake” consensus mechanism, and the many features and tools on offer. 


Plus, we’ll take a look at the team behind Algorand, and the Algorand Foundation!

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