Kristina Corner-

The Future of news media, Redefine IMPOSSIBLE and blockchain career


This fun conversation covered:

The Future of news media (Decentralized news media), Crypto retreat, Krstina’s role model, the secret of living a balanced life while working 85 hours/week, Crypto VS Blockchian on World Economic Forum & much, much more fun stuff (the beautiful relationship between Media and Blockchain, Decoding editor-in-chief @Cointelegraph, legacy media)

Kristina: “See beyond, question more, believe in impossible”



0-2:35 Introduction

3:00-4:15 What are you building at Cointelegraph?

4:45-6:00 Offline Blockchain Events soon?

6:00-7:30 Crypto retreat

7:30-8:55 Pandemic actually made us more human 

8:55-9:30 Important tips for Manager

9:35-11:22 Decoding editor-in-chief

11:43-12:18  What kind of future are you building?

12:18-13:55 Good things are small things/highlight

13:55-15:25 What has changed since 2018? (Media VS Blockchain)

15:25-16:35 The kind of people we need more in the Blockchain Space

16:35-17:37 Crypto VS Blockchian on World Economic Forum 2018

17:37-19:15 Your journey to the Blockchain space

19:15-21:15 Excitement of small community within the space

20:00 highlight btc

21:25-23:25 What made you join Cointelegraph?

23:25-24:15 Redefine IMPOSSIBLE

24:14-25:45 Vision for future media highlight

25:45-27:05 Less and less monopoly in Media

27:05-28:25 Belarusian editor arrested as crackdown on journalists intensifies :(

28:35- Decentralize media explained

30:00-30:30 Upside of Decentralized working environment (you don’t know of) - 

30:30-31:30 Gaining perspective on working within Decentralized Organization

32:00-34:47 How to start in Blockchain & the importance of having different perspective within the space

34:47-36:25 Who is your role model? highlight - balance & enriches u

36:35-39:35 Advice on how project could get featured?

37:00 highlight !

39:50-41:05 Kristin’s hobbies

44:05-44:15 Kristin’s Cat assistant~

44:59-46:45 Relationship advice (starting small) 

46:45-48:35 On Meditation

48:35-49:54 Yoga & Being mindful

50:47-53:00 How can we make the world a better place? highlight !

53:00-54:19 Productivity Secret

54:19-55:50 Working every waking hour

55:50-56:25 Passionate what you do 

56:25-57:36 Unlock the opportunities | Women

57:40-1:01:55 How blockchain & innovation changing our lives

1:01:55-1:03:25 Proof of work -> Proof of stake highlight

1:03:30- Outro 


What I've learned from Kristina:

"Gaining perspective on working within Decentralized Organization, being aware of the ego, but also extremely openminded for different data & views - which makes her so great in what she does."

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