“People don’t care about what you do until they know why you do it.” This is a paraphrase from Simon Sinek’s bestseller ‘Start with Why’. People like Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, and the Wright Brothers had little in common, but they all started with asking ‘WHY’. After all, no one will listen to your idea unless they know the WHY behind it.


So, with the hope of demystifying the blockchain industry and its leaders, I started this podcast. If you are curious as to the identity of the movers, shakers and innovators who are shifting and making their mark on the blockchain industry, then this podcast is for you.


Not only will we discover how companies are transcending the crypto space, but we will also dive into the habits of leaders and what makes them outstanding people.


I hope that each episode gives you the strength to pursue your aspirations, and remind you that to achieve great things, enormous amounts of focus and dedication must be invested.


I believe that if we fulfil our true potential, each of us holds the key to a brighter future.


The Future Hour Podcast hopes to remind you: In the ocean of life, the isles of blessedness are smiling and the sunny shore of your ideal future awaits your coming.



Coinfund, Blockchain for Social Impact & How to Start a Career


Feat. Vanessa Grellet


0:00 Introduction.

3:33 What are you building at Coinfund.io ?

6:19 What change you are hoping to make ?

8:40 Joining Coinfund & ConsenSys.

12:26 How Vanessa discovered Bitcoin.

13:10 How to start a career in Blockchain ?

17:53 Curiosity, moving fast and stay proactive. 

20:22 Spending your time consciously & delegate! 

23:35 CoinFund’s 83 Million Fund targeting early stage companies by help them achieve Product/market fit and execute quickly.

25:09 CoinFund investing in decentralized Gaming, exchange, Cefi and Defi.

27:26 If a project is in idea stage, would Coinfund invest ? 

29:10 Go-to-market strategy explained in Web 3.0.

31:46 jobs.coinfund.io & helping students getting into the space

34:03 Advice from Vanessa

37:13 How to do more strategic partnerships? 

38:38 What CoinFund need ? 

40:13 How to increase diversity and inclusion in Blockchain?

41:39 What is Arts and Antiquities Blockchain Consortium (AABC.) 

44:00 Future Of Blockchain in 2022 and Beyond.

45:56 What roles do love and connections play in your life?

48:41 Making time to connect deeply yourself.

50:10 Self-reflection on the book power of habit.

51:14 Vanessa’s most important habit.

52:32 Vanessa’s decision making process - objectively.

54:32 Book & Podcast recommendations.
56:00 What makes people creative & innovative.

56:38 Call to action from Vanessa! Blockchain for Social Impact & Contact Coinfund.



Coinfund Website: https://www.coinfund.io/

Coinfund Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/coinfund/

Coinfund Twitter: https://twitter.com/coinfund_io?lang=en

Vanessa's Twitter: https://twitter.com/VanessaGrellet_ 


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