In this episode, we talked about success, Jason reflecting on his journey, and Algorand Foundation's purpose. Most importantly, the undeniable importance of Education & Youth!


“Success is having clarity and intention in the life you want.”

- Jason Lee


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Jason is the COO for Algorand Foundation. He held various positions in NEM Foundation as Vice President and Executive Committee, Board Secretary, Partnerships & Strategic Alliances and as Expansion Director since 2017. Based in Melbourne, he is also a Board Director for Blockchain Australia and advisory board member to the Blockchain Philanthropy Foundation. Recognised as a Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list-maker, he was a FinTech startup co-founder, ecosystem builder and Wealth Management executive with Standard Chartered Bank, having worked with partners across 30+ cities throughout his career.



The foundation a not-for-profit organisation that has a vision of a borderless, frictionless economy built on public, decentralised blockchain technology.


The 4 "S" of Algorand's unique Pure PoS algorithm (Scale, Speed, Security and Sustainability) guarantee a platform that will underpin application development decades into the future, by allowing developers, businesses and innovators to bring the power of digital money, decentralized-open systems & censorship resistant transparency to their users and customers around the world.


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00:00:00 “Jason & The Future Hour” Intro 

00:02:47 How Do You Define Success?

00:03:09 Jason Reflecting On His Journey 

00:05:09 Gain Clarity Within Yourself 

00:07:40 How To Be Unstoppable

00:09:18 What Is Your One Thing ?

00:12:04 Excellence In Your Role 

00:15:05 Algorand & Algorand Foundation's Purpose :)

00:17:17 Algorand Foundation’s Programs & Education For Youth

00:26:03 What Role Does Love and Affection Play In Your Life? 

00:28:43 Balance Life and Work By Saying No 

00:31:46 Jason’s 10,000 Hours - Communication 


00:37:45 What is your favorite drink? 

00:42:05 Knowing 

00:41:11 Practicing Intention

00:46:39 Last Mind Blowing Book You Read? 

00:46:39 Routine of A COO

00:51:06 Melbourne lockdown 

00:52:23 what do you think made you the person you are today ? 

00:53:33 life of intention & faith 

00:55:45 Outro 



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