The mission of the podcast: "Storyteller of a brighter future, unfiltered conversations with visionaries. Helping you understand Blockchain Industry & latest innovations."


0-1:20 Introduction

1:20-3:33 The ideology Of Bitcoin

3:33-4:20 The Steak-holder Effect

4:20-5:10 The Philosophy Behind Bitcoin (You should look into the terms !)

5:10-5:55 Kristina Corner Episode - Cointelegraph as Decentralized Organization 

5:55-6:33 Bitcoin Transactions

6:33-8:12 Cryptography, smart contract as the new law

8:12-9:30 What is HODL ?

9:30-10:12 My take on the crypto market, NOT financial advice

10:12-13:13 Cut down expenses 5 times > Make 5 times more money

13:13-16:00 Your personal runway & Living in Bali

16:00-16:42  Philosophy behind The Future Hour

16:42-18:36 Introduction: Balaji S. Srinivasan

18:36-20:30 Quotes of Balaji S. Srinivasan

20:30-23:46  Becoming an Estonian e-Resident & benefits

23:46-24:32 What’s Next ? Network States

24:32-27:00 Bonus: Digital Nomad Visa

27:00-28:29 How to best prepared for the future & Outro 




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